I am going to need your help if you have done your internship at the entertainment department or you are actually working. I am sure there is something missing, please let me know….and if you are in the pictures or in the videos I am sure you have many more things to say.

This is my idea of the top 20 of what you need to become the perfect hotel entertainer:

1.- A big smile….


2.-A bigger one when you ask a client to participate and he answers LEAVE ME ALONE.


3.-A crazy team around you to become a real entertainment team.

Krsitine CAM00173   EDITH 10834732_911244472242615_1383924063_o

4.-A few languages and basic notions of 5 others (enough to greeting clients)

5.- The ability to change to one language to another in seconds.

6.-The strenght to greet people all day long non stop.

7.-The capacity to become the best friend of all the kids at the resort at the same time.

20141103_091615_resized   EDITH10824905_911244448909284_1141358856_o  EDITH 10824819_911244462242616_1901043805_o

8.-The patience to listen to the life story of all the retired clients at the resort.

9.- The memory to remember the name of all the frequent clients.

10.-Multitask must be the best of your qualities.

Claudia rep sonrie

11.-To be a dancer, a good one on the shows and a funny one with the kids.


12.-To be a sport trainer


13.-To be a magician.


14.-To be an actor.


15.-To be a Singer.


16.-To be a showmanshowoman.


17.-To make a full of yourself several times a day.


18.-To pretend to be spontaneous all day long.


19.-To be happy.


20.-To desired to become invisible around 10 times a day.


Let us show you some of VIDEOS our students trying to do the 20 tips at the same time:

Crazy dancing

Sport trainer:

Miniclub experience:

Dancing as a star:

Dancing coreographie:


I was inspired by all the students that  enjoy an internship at this department at any of the hotels in Tenerife: Edith, Kristine, Alva, Verónica, Tobias, Therese, Jassmin, Kerem, Julia, Vilma, Chantale, Sean, Malin, Angelica, Elin, Lucas, Sanna, Amanda, Renske, Etienne,  Alexandra, Ekaterina, Maria, Goryacheva, Lisa, Rebecca, Andrea ,,,,…and so many others.

Of course we don’t need to be perfect with all that 20 ¡¡¡ Just doing your best and  try hard on the number 19th will be enough to be a good entertainer.

Mariví Gracia

Tenerife Job Training. 




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