• La Caleta de Adeje is easy to reach using local public buses “Titsa” if you take the numbers 416 or 418 from Los Cristianos or Costa Adeje tourism areas. From there just follow the path by the coast line west direction with the sea at your left. These are the pictures taken with my family the last time we did it before Christmas. If you keep walking around three kilometers you will get to a nudist beach (the only access to get there) and if you never stop walking you will get to Los Gigantes, one of my favorites landscapes in Tenerife. La Caleta is a place where residents like to go for a different swim in the ocean, no sand, only rocs and water. Bring glasses fro snorkeling, there are great views under the clear waters. …..and enjoy¡¡¡
  • La Caleta NO SOMOS NADIE012 040La Caleta con mi familia 20 -11-2012 010La Caleta UNA ROCA SINGULAR12 035 La Caleta La costa 20 -11-2012 026  La Caleta atardecer  047 La Caleta 20 UN BAÑO2

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