I have been in Den Haag meeting professionals of VET education. TJT is going to participate as a partner in a mobility project 2013-2014 together with several tourism and hospitality schools in Holland wih Kenwerk as the promoting company. The European Union through the Leonardo Da vinci Programm provides with grants to students in vocational schools for mobilities abroad. The experience to be in contact with the labour market for the first time becomes unique when involves going to meet a new culture, new languages and a new way of living. Not only becomes unique but also challenging for the student. If on top of this the destination is somewhere as fun and attractive as Tenerife, this could be something to remember for life. We have a great responsibility as a host company in charge of finding the perfect company to the students and helping them along the period in the island with the follow up.
I have to say that I enjoy as much as the students from the very first beginning of the project starting with this visit I just made to Den Haag, a beautiful city that I met for the first time with the help of Kenwerk team Guus and Mirjam that show us around to me and other partners visiting (Volena and Annelies great to meet you). Thank you for your welcome and thank you for a great dinner at the hotel school Mondriaan served and cooked by their students.
I would like to come back¡¡

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