yesterday we started using

I uploaded some information about TJT that cannot be found on the web. I think it ‘s great to show you some more about us:

I cannot go into documents if I use a tablet but it says that soon will be possible to do it.

If you search there for “Tenerife” you can see brochures about the island, the same ones you can get at any tourism infirmation office when you arrive to the island. Pictures are great ¡¡¡¡

The only thing I do not know how to do is upload links from our YouTube videos or photo albums. We have thousands of great pictures to show you. Any idea how to do it?

¡¡Thank you for your help¡¡¡



Next Saturday the 19th May the Queen of Tenerife Carnival 2012 will be in the centre of Milan, Italy. The dress weight more than 300kilograms, is four meters hight by 6 metres wide. I promise it is worth going and seing it life. Can you imaging training as a student helping to create that¿. Go and see our Youtube videos of our swedish students last February 2012. Santi Castro is the great designer of the dress and he will also be there. the great thing is doing a job that will on stage being the best ever!!